Reinforcement for your Privileged Access Management System

Discussing best information security practice approaches with more than 100 European companies working in different verticals, we found a curious gap in solutions presented by PAM vendors.


  1. There is no ”sexy” reporting. Existing reports are not good enough for the CISO level, so that there is no way to show the value of the solution.
  2. Security officers (operators) waste a lot of time when investigating enormous amounts of data trying to check if an incident was real or just part of an administrator’s regular activity. This is ineffective and expensive from a company perspective and moreover does not guarantee the right result.


It does not matter how big the customer is – you will encounter the same story.


CYBERNOVA OPERATION CENTER is suitable for both geographically distributed infrastructures of large companies and information infrastructures of small and medium-sized businesses.


CYBERNOVA OPERATION CENTER can be delivered as a hardware or virtual appliance; it constitutes a control center for the Privileged Access Management System in the corporate network and industrial control system (ICS).

Our Solution

CYBERNOVA created Operation Center as a platform to increase the value of PAM products and to make privileged access management much more useful for customers. This is achieved using 3 parts:

Digital profiling of users
User behavior analytics (UBA) and anomaly detection
Digital user profile
Global Search
ICS Security

The Kaspersky KICS integration enables Operation Center to detect attempts of unauthorized access to IT infrastructure. Operation Center instantly generates a security incident whenever the PAM system is bypassed and notifies the security operator. In preliminary testing, the feature showed great promise as a tool to control remote access to industrial control systems (ICS), protecting automation systems, managing equipment and technological processes.